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Red Vape Urban Skies

Red Vape's Urban Sky variety features 5 distinctive and enchanting flavours from around the globe, and each are called after several of the globe's most popular cities.

Mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG proportion, the Urban Sky variety has actually been created to create silky clouds of smooth and decadent vapour. The Urban Sky array is made in Great Britain within a state-of-the-art production facility, using all natural ingredients without fabricated preservatives or colourings.

Available in 10ml TPD certified containers, the Urban Sky array by Red Vape has nicotine staminas of 6mg and 3mg available.


London perfectly mixes luscious, pleasant berries such as Blackberry as well as Blueberry to develop a sensational juice that reminds you of summertime, all year round ...

Urban Sky London definitely has a very warm ambiance regarding it, it's an E-Liquid I can quickly unwind as well as enjoy in my yard whilst the sunlight is out, and also I can have an excellent old vape on everything day without ending up being sick of the flavour profile also!

As the flavour summary from Red Vape suggests, the 2 most dominant flavours here are blackberry and blueberry, however I additionally get a pleasant mix of various other berry flavours in the history as well, such as strawberry, with the flavours provided efficiently to my taste buds and no visible throat hit to mention.

New York

New york city blends rich bananas completely with a rich, luscious custard and a tip of vanilla ...

I've taken pleasure in numerous banana custard E-Liquids gradually, as well as lately I've solved back right into them after vaping a couple of real quality ones lately! I have to state that this was the E-Liquid that I was expecting trying one of the most out of the Urban Sky array.

I do like vaping my banana custard E-Liquids in a sub ohm tank, and also New York functions completely in one. When it's cozy (much like exactly how I like eating custard!), I locate it a lot better, as well as right here I get a authentic and nice banana on the inhale which is adhered to up with an extremely smooth vanilla custard undertone. The flavour profile isn't also hefty, however ideal for custard heads!


Paris incorporates vibrant as well as sweet pineapple with zesty winter season fruits for a wonderful and sour sensation that will certainly maintain you returning for more ...

Paris has a pleasant and very strong pineapple flavour existing, which I found to be very leading, as well as I did struggle to identify the other flavour notes existing in this E-Liquid. I do detect a minor citrus touch, with a hint of orange and also lemon, however I didn't detect much else because of the toughness of the pineapple flavour!

Maybe if the pineapple flavouring was reduced a notch, the other flavours would show with much better, however regrettably I could not taste much else aside from the pineapple!


Tokyo integrates rejuvenating spearmint combined with cooling menthol ...

If you like your menthol fluids solid, then Tokyo is best for you! This actually may be one of the strongest menthol E-Liquids I have attempted, providing a crisp spearmint flavour complied with up with an absolute wallop of menthol, and a suitably durable throat hit!

I absolutely simulate my menthol E-Liquids to be strong, and also this is optimal for vaping in the middle of the day when I really feel like I'm concerning to strike a downturn. It rejuvenates my senses, and supplies a fantastic choice me up!


Dubai blends pear, pineapple and mango with a refreshing tropical coating ...

On the inhale I get an extremely warm mix of pear, pineapple and also juicy mango, with the three flavours blending together flawlessly, as well as I never really felt like one flavour was subduing the other. They taste authentic as well, simply as you would expect the actual fruits themselves to taste.

A pleasurable hit of menthol is present at the end, which also adds a respectable amount of throat hit to this E-Liquid. In conclusion, it's a truly well rounded juice, and the presence of menthol suggests that you'll never get vapers tongue from vaping it way too much!


On the whole, the Urban Sky variety is an actually well made line of E-Liquids, as well as I can tell that a great deal of time as well as know-how had actually been poured right into the production of these 5 E-Liquids.

The five fluids existing in the variety all use something different, as well as will definitely attract a vast array of different tastes. I was actually amazed with the vapour that I obtained from these E-Liquids, as well as they weren't short on flavour either in spite of being mixed to a high VG proportion!

Lots of thanks to Red Vape for sending out in the Urban Sky array to assess, if you like the noise of these E-Liquids they can be purchased right here. You can obtain a monstrous 40% off all Urban Sky E-liquids at Red Vape with the code URBAN40, unique to POTV. Why not likewise take a look at our review of Red Vape's fantastic Naturally Extracted Tobacco Juices which likewise has a wonderful discount code surprise waiting on you!

I do like vaping my banana custard E-Liquids in a below ohm tank, and New York functions completely in one. The flavour profile isn't also heavy, but simply right for custard heads!

Lots of thanks to Red Vape for sending out in the Urban Sky range to examine, if you like the noise of these E-Liquids they can be acquired right here. You can obtain a tremendous 40% off all Urban Sky E-liquids at Red Vape with the code URBAN40, unique to POTV. Why not additionally inspect out our evaluation of Red Vape's outstanding Naturally Extracted Tobacco Juices which additionally has a good discount code surprise waiting for you!

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